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Labour City ready to house 50,000 workers

Discussion in 'Living in Qatar' started by Bonjiek Dakoykoy, Aug 17, 2015.

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    May 24, 2015
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    The Gulf region’s largest and most modern complex of labour camps, Labour City, located in the Industrial Area here, which can accommodate tens of thousands of workers is ready for renting out its premises to interested companies.

    The City, spread over an area of more than a million square metres, consists of 64 buildings, each with four floors.

    Each building has rooms that can together accommodate 780 workers. In all, the labour accommodations are meant for 50,000 workers.

    The City has a cinema, entertainment centres, a huge auditorium for community events, commercial complexes, restaurants and even sports facilities like stadiums for volleyball, football and cricket, among other sports.

    Besides, there will be a police station and a branch within the City to help maintain law and order and ensure workers’ safety and security.

    The City also boasts green space spread over an area of 32,500 square metres and a mega medical centre which will have specialist doctors as well as an emergency unit.

    Within the City there would also be additional accommodation for 10,000 senior workers.

    “The supervisory authority for the Labour City has begun asking companies that are interested in taking premises on rent to house their workers to come forward and apply,” said Al Sharq.

    Known as Barwa Al Baraha, the project is built by state-backed Barwa Real Estate Company. It is the largest development project ever built in the country to house workers.

    These are modern living quarters offering a higher standard of living for those with low income. “It is the biggest and most modern labour camp built in the entire Gulf region,” said the daily.

    The project has been developed in two phases. The first phase consisted of truck and vehicle parking area and basic facilities. The second phase comprises the Labour City project.

    The 64 buildings are actually grouped into four major sub-complexes, each with 16 buildings.

    Besides, there are plans to build other blocks within the City that would accommodate senior staff of companies that hire space for the purpose on rent.

    A huge complex that would house at least 49 used car showrooms, is also to come up in the City. Obviously, these showrooms will be on the ground floor. There will be two more floors above them to house administrative offices.

    The Labour City is all set to be a model accommodation in the entire region with star amenities for migrant workers, said the daily. The Peninsula

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