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A Lack of Sleep

Discussion in 'Health' started by Rolita Pungyan, Jun 29, 2015.

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  1. Rolita Pungyan

    Rolita Pungyan
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    May 7, 2015
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    Regularly skimping on sleep means more than morning crankiness..Here are 10 Reasons to get your 7 to 8 hours of shut-eye a night..
    1.Stroke: Sleeping less than 6 hours a night increases your stroke risk..
    2. Obesity: Sleeping less than 6 hours ups your obesity risk 30 %.One study found women who slept less than 5 hours ate 329 calories the next day
    3. Your DNA: Sleep depriavation alters the function of over 700 of our genes-including those that affect stress response.immune system and metabolism.
    4.Heart: Sleeping less than 6 hours a night over the long term increases your risk of developing or dying from heart disease by 48%
    5.skin : research shows poor sleepers have increase sign of aging
    6. Alertness: Even missing out on as little as 1.5 hours of sleep can reduce daytime alertness by up to 32 %
    7. High Blood Pressure: Sleepping less than 6 hours a nigh leads to a20% higher risk of developing high blood pressure..
    8. Immunity: People who sleep less than 7 hours are nearly 3x more likely to develop a cold when exposed to the Rhinovirus
    9. Diabetes: Not getting needed amount of deep sleep can reduce the bodys sensitivity to insulin, uppung the risk of type 2 diabetes
    10. Mortality : Sleeping 5 or less hours per night increase the risk of dying from any cause up to 26 %..

    and for me my advice getting enough exercise EACH day is important .so that you're the "good kind of tired" and not the stressed out kind of tired from sitting all day at the computer,sitting/driving in the car, &/or in front of the tv. We're such a sedentary society, even if you exercise 4-5 times a week, that doesn't help you better sleep well on the off days.
  2. Bonjiek Dakoykoy

    Bonjiek Dakoykoy
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    May 24, 2015
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    I would like to add, don't stay up late at night it still best to sleep early and wake up early. Having enough time of sleep will also help improve your memory. it lowers your stress and keeps you safe on the road while driving. Let's have enough time of sleep, sleep early and we'll live longer. :)

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