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More rain expected in Qatar

Discussion in 'Weather Forecast' started by Bonjiek Dakoykoy, Sep 12, 2015.

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    May 24, 2015
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    Some parts of Qatar are likely to receive more rain on Saturday, though Doha is expected to be dry and sunny, according to the Met office.

    The country witnessed rain and thunder, along with strong winds and dusty conditions on Friday. The rainfall was heavier in some parts, resulting in heavy waterlogging at places like an underpass along Dukhan Road, beyond Shahaniyah.

    Besides, many residents reported that water had accumulated in certain open areas and along small patches on some roads.

    Doha witnessed a drizzle in the afternoon, which was accompanied by thunder and winds. This followed a build-up of dark clouds over the city’s skies since morning.

    There was a perceivable drop in temperature during the day, but the relative humidity was high before the drizzle and kept fluctuating later.

    Meanwhile, dusty conditions were reported from across the country before the rain, bringing down visibility in some places. The conditions were particularly severe in Al Khor, which, according to residents, witnessed a sudden dust storm.

    A section of social media users also reported having seen hail fall in some places.

    The Met office warned people to remain cautious, especially on the road, due to the dusty and windy conditions, which could affect visibility.

    Messages on the Ministry of Interior’s Twitter page also advised motorists and sea-goers to exercise caution in view of the prevailing weather conditions.

    Residents welcomed the rain and the consequent fall in temperature, expressing their views, photographs and videos on social media.

    According to the weather office, hazy conditions, along with a chance of local cloud development by the afternoon, are expected today, accompanied by rain and thunder in some places.

    Thundershowers are expected in Al Ruwais (north), while Dukhan and Abu Samra are likely to get rains only. Doha, along with Al Khor and Messaeid, is expected to remain dry and sunny.

    Offshore areas are likely to be partly cloudy and experience scattered rain. It will be hazy to misty by night in such areas.

    The temperatures expected in different parts of the country are similar to those forecast for yesterday, with the minimum being 29C and the maximum 41C. The temperature in Doha is expected to be in the range of 32 and 39 degrees C. GULF TIMES

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